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IGNUS WILL CEASE SELLING STRAXGAS PARTS MAY 2020 (date extended due to demand)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) My fire goes out or will not light

A) Pilot may be blocked or dirty - check the pilot has a good strong flame heating the thermocouple. If not get it replaced by a gas safe engineer.

 Q) The top plate on my burner is cracked/ the rivets have popped or the gasket is leaking around the sides.

 A) We stock burner top plate kits. These are for Gas Safe engineers to replace and contain a new Stainless burner top plate, a new gasket and set of rivets. The old top rivets need drilling out and the plate removing, and the new plate riveting on. 

Q) My Turboflue fire will not light, the fan is running but I have no ignition ?

A) Has the fan light come on? If no then the problem is on the fan outside. Either the impellor or the probes are blocked up. The fan is not running up to speed or the pressure switch is worn out. Try a new pressure switch.

Q) My fire has vermiculite granules under the coals do they wear out?

A) Vermiculite granules on fires before 1994 should replaced as part of the annual service as they shrink down and block the gas ports.



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